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    Loaded Images Disappear After Drop Statement

    Mikhail Bespartochnyy

      Hello everyone,


      I'm running into issue with my loaded images disappearing after a Drop Table statement. In attached QVW, I simply load directory of images from Images.xlsx. Then I bring in some data, do some manipulations, and as long as Drop Table Oil_Gasoil_Forex_Data; script is commented out I get a functioning Bundle load:



      However, when I uncomment the Drop Table Oil_Gasoil_Forex_Data; it looks like the orphan table containing Image field is dropped as well and the images go away, leaving me with:

      Not Working.PNG

      Did anyone else experience this? Is there a solution?



      Mikhail Bespartochnyy

        • Re: Loaded Images Disappear After Drop Statement
          Mikhail Bespartochnyy

          I found a solution but not an explanation. Evidently, loading images at the end of the script keeps them in the app...no idea why, but it works. I've read through few threads and a technical brief for the loading of images into QlikView. Technical Brief didn't mention anything about it, but there was another thread that discussed it in more details, but came to the same conclusion - just use a bundle load after last drop statement.


          I hope this will be helpful to anyone else that struggles with this. If anyone can explain the method behind the madness, I'd love to learn it.


          Mikhail B.