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    Need help on Charting

    Ankit Gupta

      Hi All,


      I am dealing with a situation where I need to plot a chart to show the steps user need to take to reach from Point Start to finish. E.g


      Lets say I have a Patient A, from enrolling into a Therapy till Delivering the medicine he need to go through say 4 steps.


      Patient Name          Steps               Start Date               End Date

      A                             Step 1              1-Jan-2017              10-Jan-2017

                                     Step 2              11-Jan-2017                  

                                     Step 3               Not Started

                                     Step 4               Not Started

      The idea is to show to user that what all levels he already passed and where he is standing today, and post that how many more steps will be coming.




      Can someone please help in letting me know which Chart or Extension should I pick to achieve this.