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    How can I add a column to a table that will display the fields that are blank, even if there are multiple blank fields?

    Elise Reiter

      I have a dashboard that displays the number of installations that were completed with missing data fields


      I have created a table that displays:


      -The installations that had blank fields

      -The employee that missed entering certain data

      -The barcode of the equipment that was installed with missing data


      I would like to add a column that displays WHICH data field(s) was/were left blank. I have been using this expression:


      if([ManufSerialNo.]='','Serial No.',if([Manufacturer]='','Manufacturer',if([Pole Treatment]='','Pole Treatment',if([Pole Species]='','Pole Species'))))


      The issue is that sometimes there were installations completed with multiple data fields that were left blank (for example, both Pole Species and Pole Treatment were blank).


      I have tried adding this formula to the above formula if([Pole Species]='' and [Pole Treatment] ='', 'Pole Species, Pole Treatment'), but it still only returns one of the fields.


      Is there a way I can add a column that will display ALL the data fields that were left blank?