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    How to run a shell script through Qlikview?

    Arghya Ray

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a shell script named abc.bash located in a ftp location ( alphabets.xyz.com ). The path is suppose /u03/home/myname. I need to run this script through Qlikview. The motive to run this script is that when properly executed, the script would generate a xml file with the nomenclature All_open_sysdate.xml in the same path location. I need to call this xml file also from the same location.

      Can anyone please help me out on how should I proceed to achieve this.


      Please also share the process on how to override the security feature in Qlikview.


      I tried to execute this statement:


      Execute cmd.exe /C abc.bash




      But this didn't help. I got an error to override the security feature.


      Please correct me if I am wrong.