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    How to combine multiple datatables in one Pivot/Table?

    Marcus Tilly



      I'm new to Qlik and this is my first question in the Community. Sorry if this question is simple but i cant realy get this to work.


      From the start i had 1 table wich i needed to filter in a few different ways, but the filters schould not effect the other filters. Therefor I created 5 different datatables from the first one.

      In the end i got 5 tables with the same typ of input data but with different filters. The data is an consolidated financial report for a Group Company. I want to present one table in the app that shows all the filtered Company names, if the Company occur in any of the filtered tables it schould show in this new table, is this possible?.

      The company names are the same in all the datatables since the were all created from the same one. I cant connect any of the tables since any filter will exclude a number of companies in the next filter.


      I hope this explanation is good enough, if you have any suggestions for solutions or questions, please dont hesitate to comment.