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    QlikView is deleting old audit files, how do I stop it?

    Lennaert van den Brink



      Just over a week ago, our Qlikview publisher server started deleting its "old" audit log files (Session, Event, Audit and Performance). It used to keep all of them indefinetly, but right now anything older than 30 days gets deleted. The ManagementService log (in the folder .\QlikView_Server\ManagementService\Log\) states

      "[TIMESTAMP]     Information     Deleting old audit file. Filename="


      Now my colleagues did change some settings on the QlikView server itself, but they don't remember touching anything related to this issue or log files in general.


      My question is: does anyone have an idea of what configuration file or setting we would have to look at to disable the deletion of old audit files? We would like to keep them indefinetly again. Any help regarding this issue is highly appreciated.


      With kind regards,

      Lennaert van den Brink