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    Setting Selection Criteria as a Variable

    Chris Weldon



      I have an app that has about 60 visualisations across 10 sheets.  In each visualisation I am using the same criteria in set analysis to filter the results.  This makes it a bit hard for people who are trying to understand what I have done, and also painful if I want to change the standard criteria.  So I would like to set the standard criteria that appear on every visualisation up as a variable at a Quote level (the standard unit of counting for this app).  Then in each visualisation I want to check if the variable is Yes or No for that Quote and will include / exclude on that basis.


      So for example the standard set analysis criteria are:





      In this case I happen to be counting the CaseID, but I might be summing premium or something else, but it always uses the same criteria in the set analysis.  This all works fine.


      I have tried adding that Set Analysis to a variable like this using AGGR to get an answer at QuoteID level:





      Then I tried to use the variable in a table as follows:




      I have also tried various other syntaxes but still get a series of Nulls as an answer.


      Am I missing something obvious?


      Many thanks to you all in advance.