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    Expression - correct or a bug?

    John Repucci

      The below "Wrong" expression in a Sheet properties conditional show field evaluated as "OK".

      I contend it should not have been shown as "OK".  (Note the missing value that should have followed the > symbol)


      Is this a bug or is it a valid expression?


      If it is a valid expression, what value was used / would be used on the right side of the > symbol?


      Wrong:=IF(Len(only({$< AD_ASLTabAccessUsers ={'$(=OSUser())'} >} AD_ASLTabAccessUsers)) > , 1, 0)


      Right:=IF(Len(only({$< AD_ASLTabAccessUsers ={'$(=OSUser())'} >} AD_ASLTabAccessUsers)) > 0 ,1, 0)

      This returns "error in expression", which I would expect.

           =IF( 1 > , 0, 1)


      QV v12.10 SR4

      QV v11.20, SR9