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    Help & Advice for upgrade service packs from Qlikview 11.20 SR 12 to S13


      I'm a relatively new client to Qlikview and I have limited Qlikview Admin Experience.   I recently found out that I'm working on an unsupported version of Qlikview.  Before I can upgrade to Qlikview 12, I would like to install the SR packages that I'm behind on. 


      Currently I am using Qlikview 11.20 SR 12 and I would like to upgrade to SR13.   From there, I will install the next couple of rounds of SR packages.  I would like to do that them one at a time so I can easily track any negative impacts to my applications (if any).  (plus it would be good practice).


      If I'm doing a basic SR upgrade, then I'm just upgrade my Desktop version correct and nothing changes with services?  I'm trying to find an upgrade for dummies because the Release Notes and the Manual Reference Guide left me with more questions.


      Can someone provide with me steps on how I should so a service pack upgrade?

      Step 1 would be to back up all my current applications?

      How do my current applications get the new SR release? do I have to open each one? 


      Any help will greatly be appreciated it!