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    Sum by total number of work days

    Erick Dameron

      Hello everyone,


      I need to sum by the total number of workdays from beginning of data set to end.

      To do so I tried to use this formula but cannot nest the expression.

      I know that you can use AGGR to nest expressions but I have been unable to make it work.


      Any thoughts?


      1.)   SUM(DailyPT)*(MAX(NETWORKDAYS(MIN(visitdate),TODAY())-MIN(NETWORKDAYS(visitdate,TODAY()))))

      2.)   SUM(DailyPT)*(MAX(AGGR((NETWORKDAYS(MIN(visitdate),TODAY()))-MIN(AGGR(NETWORKDAYS(visitdate,TODAY())))))


      Just realized that I cannot use NetworkDays because that function is counting the days, not finding.

      To summarize I need to sum by the number of work days inbetween the MIN(visitdate) and MAX(visitdate)