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    Nprinting on demand is not working for one user

    srinivas b

      Hi all, We have developed ondemand functionality in our qlikview app and it is working fine as expected for everyone. . But one user faceing problem with ondemand. Whenever he click on NP report button  there is no action found from NP queue button from his side. Please suggest what was the possible reasons to not working on demand functionality for him.

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          Daniel Jenkins

          Hi Srinivas,


          Have the On-demand extension objects been installed on that user's machine?


          If so, can you try this:

          * Open the On-demand extension object properties and note the  details

          * on the machine where it is not working, enter in a web-browser address bar http://<Hostname>:9001/help (replace Hostname with the contents of the Hostname field noted in the previous point. Also change to https if SSL is used).

          * You should get something like the below

          If not, you will need to investigate why. Probably a firewall (port needs to be opened) or DNS issue (try Telnet and/or nslookup) etc.


          HTH - Daniel.