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    Concatenate Two Values of a Field in the Load Edit Script

    Hari Nag

      Hi All,


      I have a two fields, Project Number and Path, For One project number there may be one to many Path's. I have a requirement in Qlik Sense where I have to create a table in which All the path's should be concatenated  by ' , ' specific to Project Number.


      Now it is


      Project Number      Path

      1                         Path 1

      1                         Path 2

      2                         Path 1

      2                         Path 2

      2                         Path 3



      According to the requirement


      Project Number            Path

      1                                 Path 1, Path 2

      2                                 Path 1, Path 2, Path 3



      I have tried Concat Function in the front end and I am able to achieve the above requirement. But there are many fields that I need to concat

      and it is taking  2-3 min for the table to appear.

      So I am thinking of concatenating the values in the load edit script.

      I have tried using Concat function in edit script along with group by clause but it throwing error.


      Please help.