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    How to get previous week metric data  in another metri

    Brahmaiah Chowdary

      Hi Team,

      Good day

      since last few days i am trying to achieve below mentioned issue in my dashboard



      1.i need to display the previous metric data in another metric

      2.again i need to subtract the current week data with previous metric data



      in my issue   i have date,previous week and current week fields


      so now along with date i need to display previos and current week date

      like below ;

      Main table from Database:

          Date                              current                   

         5-march-2017                  5                          

         12-march-2017                8                         

         19-march-2017               10                       

         26-march-2017                15 


      Date columns contain only week data 


      out put table i need to show in dashboard:

            Date                        current      previous                                               difference(currentweek-previousweek) metric 

        12-march-2017                 8                5(this value is 5-march-current week data)          3

         19-march-2017              10                 8                                                                     2

         26-march-2017              15                10                                                                    5



      could you please suggest me how can i achive solution for this?


      i have attached the QVW as well for same