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    Issues integrating AD Users into QlikView Governance Dashboard

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to integrate AD Users into Governance Dashboard(GD). The Authenticated User in GD shows User details as following


      E.g. Authenticated User -





      mycompanyext\Donna-Trower etc..

      Need to show Full Name of the users. I couldn't find a field in which it shows full name in GD.

      So I had fetch the following fields from AD Users (name, sAMaccountName) -

      E.g.  sAMaccountName, name

               Jpaul, John Paul

                Allen.cole, Allen Cole

      I brought in the AD Users into GD script. Created a new field "NewAuthenticated User " to capture only left part of the text eliminating anything before back slash (mycompany\JPaul - 'JPaul) and mentioned where ever Authenticated User was in the script(scipt tabs - Audit, session etc..)

      Right([Authenticated user],len([Authenticated user])-Index([Authenticated user],'\')) as NewAuthenticated_User

      But by using the above, I was able to fetch and map only few users not all. Can someone guide me, is there a way this can achieved.