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    Using Reloadtime function in a report.

    Wouter Mak

      Hi all,

      I’m using nPrinting 17.3.

      I have a QlikView (12.x) document. The reload for this QlikView document is scheduled once a day.

      I send a report once a month. I use a formula in this report date(reloadtime()). The name is: Peildatum.

      I use this value in my report in a string like: Report verlof for user <Medewerker> with date <Peildatum>

      I send today this report, but what happened: most of the user will see:

      Report verlof for Wouter Mak with date 03-04-2017

      Some users will see

      Report verlof for (a employee) with date 18-03-2017

      How can it be that there are two different dates? It’s just one QlikView document. It’s one task which is used to send all documents to all employees. But for some employees is the date different. Can anyone help me?