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    Add Data with same fields when excel rows limit(10 Million rows) expires

    Aman Jain


      I am manually uploading the excel files in the QlikSense script to update the data in my QlikSense app.

      One of the excel files has reached its maximum rows: 10 million rows beyond which no data could be added.

      Still i want to add data to this table and show it up in qlik sense app.

      Example : A table created out of my excel file has data from January to March month 2017 with 10 M rows.

      Now I have data from April 2017 which i could not upload on the existing excel file as the data rows have reached the limit.

      So, I created a new excel file with similar fields(column values) but only difference is the data is added from April month.



      How can i combine these two excel files into into one in QlikSense script so that the rows from new excel file adds to rows in old excel file ???