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    Qliksense Extension - Calculation out of memory error

    Patric Amatulli

      Hi together,


      we build an extension based on the usecase to draw a network explorer graph.

      Our network has a high volume of data (approximately 2 Million).


      So to avoid that we load all the data in the extension we tried different approaches:


      • Set a calculation condition through the dataHandling addon to reduce the amount of data.
        It is working fine with this approach
      addons: {
                uses: "addons",
                items: {
                  dataHandling: {
                    uses: "dataHandling"


      • Now we would like to test the scenario where we would like to handle this scenario in a programmatic way.
        We did following steps for testing purpose:


      1. Set the data load to 0 for the Initial Fetch
      initialProperties: {
            selectionMode : "CONFIRM",
            version: 1.0,
            qHyperCubeDef: {
                qDimensions: [],
                qMeasures: [],
                qInitialDataFetch: [{
                    qWidth: 0,
                    qHeight: 0


      1. Created a generic object for the calculation condition => GetPossibleCount(Fieldx) = 1
      2. If this condition fails an entry  screen should be shown
      3. If the condition is meet retrieve the Data from the QIX Engine and the network explorer should be rendered


      The Code is working fine, the problem is that when i setup my extension with my Dimensions + DimensionInfo (Custom Attribute Expression) and Measure + MeasureInfo (Custom Attribute Expression) the extension tries to refresh itself and then a calculation memory error appears. It does not happen if no Custom Attribute Expressions are defined.
      What happens at this point? I miss something here?


      Is the Extension trying to load the data behind the scenes for my Custom Attributes Expression?
      As follow the log entries when only partial Custom Attributes are defined, in fact no data is retrieven.





      This happens when I try to setup all my custom attribute expressions on my Dimensions.
      What the Qlikengine is trying to do here ? :-)
      How we can simulate the datahandling addon in a correct way?



      Thanks for your support!