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    Cant use AD for Authentication with Excel ODBC

      Afternoon All,


      Please ccept my apologies in advance if this is an ignorant question.


      We are using Excel ODBC to provide security access to the QlikView apps, which is working fine. The problem we have is we need to create a username and password for users to connect to the Qlik Sense portal. Since this portal will be used by our customers, we cant use AD for this authentication. We have read about using local accounts from the server that QlikSense is installed on, but we arent sure if this would work either.


      To put the question into simple terms, what is the easiest way to create a username and password without using AD and how to we link this to Excel ODBC.


      If this question makes no sense, please let me know. My knowlegde of QlikSense is limited to say the least.