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    Set Analysis Question

    Mark Ritter

      I inherited an app and I am not quite sure what is being done here:


      sum({$<Invoice_Month={'*'}, Invoice_Year={'*'},PrevPeriod_Ind={"-1"}>}Invoice_LineTotal)


      What are Invoice_Month and Year doing in this expression?

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          andy whitfield

          All members of the dimension


          e.g. All Invoice Months and Invoice years



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            omar bensalem

            Hi Mark,

            Invoice_Month={'*'}, Invoice_Year={'*'}

            is like writing :

            Invoice_Month=, Invoice_Year=

            and for both cases, what it's doing is forcing Qlik to always calculate the sum of invoice line for ALL the Invoice_Year and ALL the Invoice_Month no matter the selection you make on those 2 fields.

            If you have for example, Invoice_Year :2015,2016 and 2017 and you select 2017;

            This expression won't return the the sum of invoice line for the selected year 2017; but for all the existing Years (2015,2016 and 2017)
            Clear enough?