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    QV: Reflect single value in textbox

    Benedikt Neumayer

      Dear all,


      I am trying to create a textbox that reflects a single string value depending on the current selections and a formula integrated in the textbox itself.

      Textbox currently contains the following query: =if([Event Year]=2017), 'Resort')


      My Database is organized this way:


      Event YearEventResortGame

      World Cup

      A-CityGame 1
      2017World CupA-CityGame 2
      2016World CupB-CityGame 1
      2016World CupC-CityGame 2
      2017European CupD-CityGame 1
      2016European CupE-CityGame 1

      Now, as soon as the user filters to event "World Cup", the textbox should be able, with the help of the if-formula, to reflect the respective single value, as for 2017 there is only one distinct value in this column?


      However in order that the formula correctly shows "A-City", I have to filter to Event year 2017 with the help of a listbox.


      Does anybody see the mistake I am making, or the information I am missing?


      Thanks a lot