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    Error on 4242 and no postgresql table

    Mickael Briet

      Hi Community,


      I've got an issue on installing Qlik Sense Server, I tried 2.x and 3.x  :

      After installing, all qlik services are up,



      but I've got a white page when I launch hub or QMC.

      I've got some errors on 4242 and 4444 ports when I checks logs :


      Web exception when contacting service uri https://localhost:4242/


      Unable to connect to the remote server -> No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


      I tried to change manually used port, but on pstgreSQL, I don't see any qlik table.



      I didn’t have any firewall blocking these ports.

      Do you have any clue ? I tried several installs, reboot and nothing change on 4242 port state.

      Why I don't see any table in postgrSQL?


      Thanks for your help,


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          Vincenzo Esposito

          Hi Mickael,

          seems your server is listening on IPV6 port [::1] whereas the web exception you've reported is referencing to the IPV4.

          Try to put EnableIPv6Support=0 in the Settings.ini file

          Remember to leave a blank line at the end

          • Re: Error on 4242 and no postgresql table
            Mickael Briet

            Case solved by Qlik support.


            This is a Microsoft .NET Framework issue.

            The .NET Framework creates an extra " <DbProviderFactories />" line under the System.data.

            Manually delete the extra line.




            To modify the .Net Framework64 to address the issue, perform the following steps in order:


            1- Browse to  "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config

            2- Using Notepad or similar editor, open "machine.config" (create a copy of this file prior to modifying)


            3- Find the following section :



                  <add name=" .... "


            <DbProviderFactories />  (If this line is present, REMOVE it as noted in Step 4)



            User-added image


            4- Remove the additional "<DbProviderFactories />" line

            5- Save the file.


            Thanks Qlik support!