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    Better way to distribute licenses

    Matheus Colares


          In the company I work for, we have a lot of view, one for each sector, but in most of then the are the same report, for example...When i need make a change in one of than view, i have to change every view that have the same report, and this cause a lot work.

           Let me tell you a example, The Report Of Sales, this report have in five different views, this because the other reports of views have informations specific to sector, but all have to see Sales Report...You can be ask, "Silva, just create a new Sales View and give license to who need"...Unfortunately i can't do this because we have a limited number of document licences, and we have too more then ten store, and each store must have one licences to it.

         On this i have two questions

      1° - There is the way to i create a report Sale and save in .qvw , before just load this .qvw in other .qvw...So when a need chande Sales, a just modify Sales.qvw and all .qvw who loas Sales.qvw will be motify too?

      2° -  There is a way to make a Sales.qvw  and don't release none licences, and set dynamics licences, i mean, Jonh has accessed a Sales.qvw, so him get a licences for him, and after logout the licences of Jonh stay free to other person use?


      Thanks community!!!

      Sorry by my english, but i'm still lear ,without google translate

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          Muñoz Héctor

          Hi Silva,

          For case 1, take a look at BINARY LOAD. You can create a QlikView associative model and use it to be loaded into other applications. If you need to share a visual item, for example a new sheet, you could create a new document and navigate to it from another documents using DOCUMENT CHAIN.

          For case 2, maybe you should review your license model in order to jump to another than fits you better... Or think in create reports and share them (NPrinting).


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            Matheus Colares

            Thanks Héctor.

                 I really liked the BINARY LOAD, it's a pity that i dont use tow or more Binary in sequence, just one in .qvw

                 The DOCUMENT CHAIN is very good too, but in qlik web dont works,at least not in ajax client...

                  Yeah, maybe i need buy more licences, perhaps this will be the better...


            Thanks again Héctor.