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    Table Box displays results, Straight Table will not

    Fabrizio Giorgio

      Hi all,


      Thanks to everyone's contributions i have advanced really quickly in my understanding of qlikview, however I have come across an issue that someone here might be able to shed some light on.


      My script loads fine, tables are linked etc... i load the fields in a table box - no problems - I can filter the results using list boxes and multi boxes...


      however I need to add some expressions as part of my report, so I usually use a Chart > Straight table which looks like a table box but offers more options to add and format Data...


      When I add the same exact fields in a straight table I get no results... I have tried reducing the fields but still no results...


      I have some reports that I have built where I've used Straight Table Charts which worked straight away without any issues, so not sure why it's not working


      I have encountered this twice so far.


      Would anyone have any pointers on what to look out for?