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    QMC access for Document Admin to Configire reports(Email)

    Suresh Baabu

      Hello ,


      I have been trying to enable access to a 'document administrator' on QMC for configuring reports for the users.

      As an Qlikview admin, I was able to set-up and distribute the reports as needed.


      The Document Admin currently have access to create tasks (QMC->system->setup->Distribution service->QDS)

      and to manage users (QMC->system->setup->Qlikview server->QVS->Folder access ( Supervisor & Document Administrators )


      However, the Document Admin does not access to the  (Task->Distribute->Loop Field Document)

      please refer the attached for access level of a Document Admin.


      Could you please let me know if we can enable this access to the above for a document Admin?