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    Getting exponetial values eventhough there is 0 or blank value in google sheet

    Prashanth Reddy

      Hi All,


      I have data in my google sheet with few columns + dates (for 365 days) as other columns. i.e. My data is in horizontal way.


      I'm accessing the mentioned data by applying "Cross Table" in Qlik-Sense by using standard web connector. Now, the problem is the values (Hours) against each row getting in exponential form. I tried the same in qlikview also.


      Below is the sample data in qlikview and the same is applicable with qliksense.

      Sample data from sheet shown below


      But in data preview (Standard Web Connector) it showing accurately (3/1/2017 and 3/2/20017 having values and rest are blanks).

      I tried by formatting the values in Sheets also in Qlikview/Qliksense but still its same.