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    format/standard for dimension in Area layer

    Denis Pustovit

      Hi folks,


      Working with IdevioMap5 & Area layer I’m troubled to perform German regions and sub-regions. Any help/hints regarding the following questions are very much appreciated:


      • Which format/standard for Germany should be used as dimension by the Area layer so that IdevioMap5 can work with?

                I’ve tried the following in QlikView but none seems to work:

        • NUTS: for example DE1(Baden-Württemberg), DE2(Bayern), DEG(Thüringen)...
        • Numbers: 01(Schleswig-Holstein),...09 (Bayern),... 16 (Thüringen)
        • Abbreviations: BE(Berlin), BY (Bayern), NW(Nordrhein-Westfalen)...
      • Can IdevioMap5 work with KML-files containing polygon geo data? If so, how exactly?