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    Sorting Issue

    Aneesha Bhabak



      We were trying to create a chart that displays hours from today 4AM(Day) to next day 9AM(Day+1). We were taking a inline table to load this

      LOAD * INLINE [
      Time, date_gateCount
      05:00, Day
      06:00, Day
      07:00, Day
      08:00, Day
      09:00, Day
      10:00, Day
      11:00, Day
      12:00, Day
      13:00, Day
      07:00, Day+1
      08:00, Day+1
      09:00, Day+1


      However we are using the match() function but the chart is not coming properly accordingly time 4AM to 9AM.I think there is a sorting issue between these two fields date_gateCount and Time.



      Kindly suggest.