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    Multiple Modules on one qlik file

    Michele Pierobon

      Hi Qlikers,

      i need know how can i edit and add more macros on one QlikView file (v 8.01.4783.11).

      My purpose is creating two buttons that use two different macros:

      1: Reload Button;

      2: Save and quit button.


      The problem is insert more modules on one Qlik file.


      Thanks so much in advance.

        • Re: Multiple Modules on one qlik file
          Pablo Labbe

          Hi Michele,


            There is no module distinctiion in Qlikview. You  just create 2 subroutines, one for reload and other for save and quit.


            By the way, your Qlikview version is very old. If you can upgrade to a newer version, you can use actions, a feature that replace the use of macros for most common use cases.