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    Hide values in List Box when no output

    Pim van der Kolk

      Hi all,


      I have a List Box with a field that is connected to my Straight Table. However, some of the values in the List Box don't have any outcome in the Straight Table. That's why I want to hide these values without selected output. But since the data in the Straight Table changes a lot, it can happen that one of the hidden values gets an output in the Straight Table. Obviously I want this value to be shown in the List Box again. Unchecking 'Hide Exclude Values' in the Properties menu of the List Box won't do as, next to the fact that the database changes, we can also make a selection in other List Boxes. Do you know a formula to use in the script/List Box that shows only the values in the Box that have a result in the Straight Table?


      Thanks a lot!