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    KPI objects: returning a rank for a specific dimension value

    Emma Aitken

      Hi there


      I am having some trouble returning a rank in a KPI object.  I have used the expression from this previous thread: Rank in Textbox as KPI  but this approach does not seem to work with my data.


      I have survey data with respondents from around 20 countries and they were asked which destinations they were considering visiting from a list of 50-odd destinations. I want to return Australia's rank, i.e. where Australia is placed among the 50-odd destinations. I need to be able to filter the data to obtain ranks by country of origin, for example.


      See attached files. I have been able to show the rank of each destination in a bar chart. I have also been able to return the name of the destination which is ranked #1 (first KPI on the left), and I can filter this by origin.


      However, using the expression: aggr(rank(TOTAL Sum({$<Destination={"Australia"}>} Selection)), Destination) just returns '1' even when Australia is not ranked #1.


      What method do I need to use to show Australia's rank among various sub-groups of the data?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you