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    QlikView Server v12 upgrade from v11 breaks Extension Objects

    Ernesto Tomacruz

      We have a QlikView application in a QlikVliew Server v11.2SR12 that has several Extension Objects calling a web service through some SOAP-based functions implemented in a base Extension Object script that is installed in the Document Extension folder (\ProgramData\QlikTech\QlikViewServer\Extensions\Document). All the Extension Objects can seamlessly call the web service methods through the Document Extension/base script until we upgraded the QlikView Server to v12.10.20100. When I debugged the Extension Objects I found out that the Extension Objects were having exception error when calling any functions implemented in the base scripts. I checked the Extensions settings (Document Properties->Extensions tab) in the QV application and it was able to show the installed Document Extension and was added as an Active Extension. Anybody familiar with this issue and how it can be resolved? Are there new settings that needs to be done in QlikView Server 12 after an upgrade so that it won't break the Extension Objects?