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    Grouping Field Values in Qlik Sense 3.2

    Sathyanath Lappasi

      Hi, I have a column name ''vehicle_type" under which I have multiple model names such as ''Accent'',''Baleno'',''Truck'',''Motorbike'' and so on. There are over 100+ models/vehicle types such as these mentioned. There are 2 objectives that I need to achieve.
      Objective 1: Need to create only one dimension called ''Car'' under which only car models must be present (eliminating/ restricting ''truck'',''Motorbike'' etc)
      Objective 2: Need to create a radio button that shows only ''Car'' and not all the values under ''Car''. Right now I get all the models listed as a radio button.
      I've managed to achieve objective 1 but stuck at obj 2.