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    Highlight a pie chart by expression - with complications

    eeacrw cewdbr

      Hi all!


      I'm creating a comparison of each client answer vs all answers.


      I have a client answer data below:

      multiple answers to the question are possible and they are given in several (6, here shown 3) columns.:


      When I select one CL_ID, I need to see the pie chart with:

      1. all answers of that CL_ID highlighted (now I see only first column highlighted),

      2. on pie chart I need to see total numbers (count) of each answer (now I see only totals from first field only)


      So, the data is in 6 columns, and I need to show

      1) all of it in 1 pie chart

      2) with ability to show count for answers from all 6 columns

      3) and highlight the regions which are presented in chosen CL_ID row (when 1 CL_ID is selected).


      File with example is attached...


      Can you help me, please?