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    Simple set analysis (dates)

    vyacheslav guzanov

      Hello everyone,


      Asking for help with cracking of set analysis.


      I need to show number of products, which were created _before_ specific year.


      But... below expression works fine and shows correct result.

      Count ({$<Product.Year] ={"2017"}>} ProductID)


      If I change 2017 to <2017, like this

      Count ({$<Product.Year] ={"<2017"}>} ProductID)


      it does not work... Shows zero, 0.


      Example of data set below.

      Product.Year is recognized by Qliksense as date, no problems in other date related calculations.

      Bookmarks for selection work as well, but I need set analysis to work to use in more advanced sets.


      ProductID Product.Year

      1     2013

      2     2017

      3     2015

      4     2017