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    Filters with multiple tables

    Bradley Qian

      Hi, I am currently using filters for things such as product category. However, the data that I am filtering from has multiple tables(by region) with the same column names. I would like to apply the filter to all visualizations in the page, regardless of which table each visualization pulls data from. Is this possible? Ideally, I would prefer not to join the tables together, but am open to any suggestions.








      '*Name4*'), 'Unit1')


      However, I would like to filter Region1$.Segment as well as Region2$.Segment




      Thank you very much!


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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If those tables are properly associated with each other in the data model then selections will propagate over all those tables. Every object in your document will directly reflect your selections.


          If that doesn't happen then either your data model is wrong or you have very good reasons to have tables that are totally unrelated to each other. In that case you need to use dark gray magic to make a selection in a field of one table apply in a field in another table too.

          The dark gray magic is called Select in Field actions. Actions can be assigned to buttons and text boxes and triggers. You can find the triggers on the Triggers tab in the Document Properties window.

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              Bradley Qian

              Hi Gysbert,


              Currently, I have have filters using wildmatch which are looking within a specific column and a specific table. These tables are separated for good reason, but I would like to be able to apply these filters to the same column and multiple different tables.

              Do you think you could help me better understand how to use the select in field actions for this purpose? Thank you so much for your help!