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    Options for end-user scheduling of reports?

    Steve Lipsky

      Hello.  My company uses QlikSense and we have a need for end-users to be able to schedule their own (developer-built) reports.  Ideally, there would be an option within the QlikSense app for a user to set the various report filters as desired, then set a recurrence schedule for ongoing email delivery.


      We've been told a function like this exists for QlikView (On-Demand Reporting), but not for QlikSense.  We thought QlikSense was supposed to be the most advanced product, so that's a bit frustrating.  But figured I'd ask the community in case I'm missing something?  This seems like a fairly common use-case.


      Btw, we have set up NPrinting and understand we can solve for part of this challenge with that tool.  However, NPrinting is definitely not for end-users, and we won't be able to scale the solution if it requires developers to step in each time a report needs to be scheduled.  It also doesn't solve well for the filtering issue.  We've looked into NewsStand but again, this seems like a developer-only solution, and honestly a bit clunky.


      Any advice?  If not, are there any options to create the report using QlikSense, but push it out via QlikView, and then take advantage of On-Demand Reporting?  I'm sure that's a long shot but we're getting a bit desperate.  Thanks so much for any help!