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    Restricted Data Project > reload task to be executed by separate service use

    Carola Kofler

      I have a restricted data project on my desk, where both the data source AND access to the final QVW file should not be possible for our standard Qlikview service user (herewith called SSU), which runs all tasks on the server. The reason is that the credentials for SSU are known to a user group who should not have access to this project, but needs to have access to all our other projects (so changing the service user for the  server is not an option).


      We would like to run the reload task with a new service user (NSU), where the credentials are only shared with a user group who can have access to the source data - making sure that no-one who has the credentials of SSU can either reach the data source files (so not access to the directory for SSU - only for NSU) or the qvw file - either on the server or via Access Point.