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    Using Set Analysis as a variable....

    Chris Weldon

      I had some really helpful feedback on here last week which has meant I am able to set a variable for a standard set analysis which is used in a lot of visualisations.


      The variable is called vIssuedandFinalisedQuotesInSelection and is defined as:




      Then the visualisation is set up as follows:

      count(distinct $(vIssuedandFinalisedQuotesIncludedInSelection)CaseID)


      This all works really well....however....


      .....I have now worked out that not all my visualisations have exactly the same Set Analysis.  TrackedQuote, QuoteTyp eand StartDate are all common, but QuoteStatus can vary, and often there are addition selections needed...so what I really want to do is set the variable for the constant parts and then append extra bits on...


      So I have tried setting the variable vTest to be:




      (so missing the last >} so I can expand it out as required)


      and the expression to be

      count(distinct =$(vTest&'>}')&CaseID)


      The expression seems to work in that it calculates something, but it does not apply any of the selections, and returns the answer value as if no selections are made.


      Does anyone have any ideas?  Am I mad for trying to do it this way, or is there a better way to achieve what I want, which is simplification of applying some common selections to set analysis in over 60 visualisations but allowing flexibility for local variation?


      Many thanks