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    User Directory Connector - SQL (via ODBC)

    faisal mughal

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to create User Directory Connector through SQL (via ODBC), which should connect to SQL server database to retrieve Users and Users Attributes, but I'm getting configuration errors:




      I've been on following link but no lock!



      Attached Trace file.

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          Rob Peterson

          I'm in the same boat - did you ever resolve?


          I feel I'm getting a little bit closer user the following connection string parameters:
          Uid as user id

          Pwd as password

          PORT as port


          I'm used to a connection string utilization in application form so where I would normally have my server address and then the port (Server=ipaddress, port) doesn't work. 


          I still get a Time Out error but not getting the above error from your screenshot any more ... I believe my error lies in the "Driver" piece of the connection string of which I'm not familiar where to lookup the different driver names...