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    Getting a Qlik Sense Pivot table in nPrinting

    Gregory Crisman

      nPrinting Version 17.3, Qlik Sense Version 3.0 SR3


      Currently have a Pivot Table set up in Qlik Sense, and was looking for ways to bring this information in to a nPrinting Excel report.


      I've established my connection and am in the nPrinting Designer but the pivot table object does not appear in the Item Master List under Level's or Tables.


      Can you really not bring Qlik generated Pivot Tables in to nPrinting?  I saw the tutorial in how to manipulate a Straight table to make it in to a Pivot table in excel, but i'd rather not have to create a separate object just for nPrinting to grab the data that i need and generate the object.


      I saw the object appears under the Images but that is not what i want because i want to be able to create a chart using the data in the table.


      So my question is, do i need to create a totally separate straight table just for this data, so that i can bring it in to excel and then create the pivot table in excel, then create the chart using the data.  Or is there a way i can just bring the pivot table from Qlik Sense?


      Thanks for any help or guidance!