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    Reverse proxy with custom authentication module - problem with TargetURI

    Christian Lindholm



      I have a Qlik Sense environment with IIS reverse proxy and a custom authentication (ticketing) module. The problem is that the TargetId (and thus TargetURI) that Qlik Sense provides to the authentication module uses the URL that the IIS reverse proxy uses to access Qlik Sense and not the URL that the end user uses when accessing the IIS reverse proxy.

      Any ideas how to configure the reverse proxy setup so that the ticketing works correctly?


      e.g. the user accesses the reverse proxy using “https://reverse.proxy.company.com/hub” which passes the request to Qlik Sense at the address “http://sense.internal:8080/reverse/hub”. The request is then forwarded to the authentication module at “https://authentication.company.com” with a TargetId corresponding to a TargetURI of “http://sense.internal:8080/reverse/hub”. When the user has authenticated a redirect is sent to the TargetURI which obviously is not accessible for the end user.