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    Rolling 12-Months Average

    Jason Campbell

      Hello all,


      I’ve been tasked to create a Rolling 12-month average chart.  I haven’t been able to find a solution from my research in the QV Community over the past 2-days.  Hoping someone here can share their expertise.


      I think one of the requirements is what makes it challenging.  If the user selects say, three months, they need to see the average of the prior 12-months on each month.  So, a rolling 12-months for multiple months (selected). 


      They need to see it in a bar chart with either a second series for the rolling-12 average or a trendline of it. 


      I initially thought about using the asof approach, but the application is 6+gb.  We can’t intentionally make it that much larger. 


      I have attached a sample. Didn’t load data for all of the expressions, but most of it is there.  Can someone guide me to the best method of meeting this requirement?