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    NPrinting 17.2 Preview Error

    bhavani b

      Hi Everyone,


      I am Using NPrinting 17.2.I have installed it successfully.I am able to create App,Reloading Metadata in Connection and able to created a report.In Template Editor I have selected HTML report type.


      Here I am able to add Image objects as well but when I have added the image in between HTML body and while clicking on preview getting error message as below.But when I wrote the text instead of inserting Qliksense Image getting preview with out any error.


      Please provide any solution am i need to install any thing for getting qliksense objects in HTML preview.Also we don't have MSOFFICE package in Server.



        • Re: NPrinting 17.2 Preview Error

          Hello Bhavani,

          As per the Screenshot details and my experience with NP 17.2 version,There is a bug in the preview of the report

          template in version 17.2 ,for more details about the same, refer the release note of 17.3 in which bugs in 17.2 are

          resolved and I would like to suggest if you currently dont want to upgrade the NP version then you can solve the current preview problem directly scheduling the task for report distribution,It will be distribute as per your expectation,

          because There is problem with report preview in version 17.2 but reports are generating fine,If you want to upgrade the NP cureent version to overcome such problems,then upgrade it into 17.3.1 version which is latest version of Nprinting

          instead of version 17.3.,for more details refer release note of NP 17.3.1