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    NPrint - Email Contacts with Dataset

    Tim Maher



      I need to send a daily mailshot to a set of contacts.  It is basically their performance for 'yesterday'.  I currently have an email associated with a SessionID in my dataset which will be the contact email.  Is there a way of looping through these sessions and using the associated email field to send the each individual report to?


      Many thanks,



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          Hello TJM,

          Nprinting is a reporting schedular tool,which generates the reports based on the contents present in your

          Qlik App,If there is any object present in your Qlik app which reflects the contact details i.e. email of recipients

          which should be added in the Nprinting Server in the User list, For that purpose you need to create the Import task

          for addition of user via SQL file, and the reports which you want to distribute,their contents first you need to add in the

          Qlik Application then you can get your desired requirements.

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            Tim Maher

            Hi Ranjit,


            Thanks for your reply.  I already have the information available and have already set up previous reports successfully.


            I am looking for a step by step guide if possible..


            something like this Cycling Reports on Multiple Fields where each report is emailed to the recipient individually.


            Thanks again,