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    Pivot table values with deviation from the average

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I've got a pivot table where every line contains an object. Objects are divided in categories and I use the pivot in order to show how the objects are divided between categories. I want to know how much does every object price deviate from the average value (so, for example, imagine I have a fruit with a code, it can be put both in the pears set, but also in the fruits set and so I would like to know how much does its price deviate from the average price of the pears and of the fruits), but when I try to calculate it I get only a value for the set, and not a value for every line. I also tried with set analysis, but I can't figure out how to do so.


      Could you please help me?


      Thanks a lot in advance


      Best regards


      Nicolò Cogno