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    Objects Shared in Server

    Fabian Puin



      We need to know the objects that a user created in the document, since they can only be observed by the user who created them, we used the option to share objects. Then I mention the configuration we have on the server version 12:

      1- QMC> System> QVS> Documents> Check allow server objects and Allow session Collaboration.

      QMC> Documents> Users Documents> 'Select Document'> Check Session Collaboration


      And in the document Qvw the configuration is as follows


      1- Document Properties> Server> Check Allow server objects


      With the previous steps, it was not possible to observe the shared object in the access point, the services were restarted and the document was also reloaded.



      Could you confirm if additional permits are needed? Thank you

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Only the QMC will show which objects are created by whom. To see with which specific users it has been shared you likely need the powertools or equivalent development to retrieve additional info from the .Shared file, note that shared objects are not stored into the original QVW file.


          The permissions you mention are to allow users to create shared objects using the Ajax interface, but not to see who created them or how they are shared.

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            Peter Cammaert

            In addition to the previous remarks, objects that are created (& shared) by some users in the AccessPoint will not automatically appear in other users copies of the same document. They have to be imported by the users that want to make use of them. Server objects can be imported from the "Repository".


            In the AccessPoint and after opening a particular document, click the Repository icon (10th icon from the left, looks like a miniature bar chart) to see which server objects are available to you in this document and who created them (tooltip contains lots of information).