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    Loading data from ftp file..

      In QlikCoud i want to add data from  csv file on the ftp server.

      My script:



      LOAD [kategoria],






      FROM [ftp://qlik%3aPassWorD%40'my.server.pl/_raport_id_kat.csv]

      (txt, codepage is 1250, embedded labels, delimiter is ';', msq);


      I still get an error:

      Wystąpił następujący błąd:

      This statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode



      Thanks for Your help.


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          Lucke Hallbergson

          The script mode can be changed in Desktop/Enterprise but not in Cloud.


          Please look in for more info.


          Help text from link above;


          Disabling standard mode

          You can disable standard mode, or in other words, set legacy mode, in order to reuse QlikView load scripts that refer to absolute or relative file paths as well as library connections.

          Disabling standard mode can create a security risk by exposing the file system.

          You cannot disable standard mode in Qlik Sense Cloud.

          Qlik Sense

          For Qlik Sense, standard mode can be disabled in QMC using the Standard mode property.

          See: Managing a Qlik Sense site: Editing engine

          Qlik Sense Desktop

          In Qlik Sense Desktop, you can set standard/legacy mode in Settings.ini.

          Do the following:

          1. Open C:\Users\{user}\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Settings.ini in a text editor.
          2. Change StandardReload=1 to StandardReload=0.
          3. Save the file and start Qlik Sense Desktop, which will run in legacy mode.

          The available settings for StandardReload are:

          • 1 (standard mode)
          • 0 (legacy mode)
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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Marcin,


            I wanted to add some additional information, what Lucke has provided and as he stated ONLY works for Qlik Sense Enterprise or Desktop not Qlik Sense Cloud. However, I have come up with a way to do something like this using the Qlik Sense REST Connector - which is available in Qlik Sense Cloud Business (subscription) - it is an experimental example that allows you to retrieve file data from dropbox as an example. Check out the post and video here:




            In addition you can learn more about REST here:



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