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    Qlik sense desktop manage colours in expression panel

    Daniele Giannicola

      Hi, I need to define an expression that change colour when a calculation is a 80% or 60 or 40%; code is:


      if(count(((if(AFFECTED_ITEM='Dollar Universe' and STATUS='open',NUMBER)*0.01)-1)) >= 70%, green(), yellow())


      AFFECTED_ITEM= DB column header

      STATUS = DB column header

      NUMBER = DB column header


      if I use this code :

      ((count(if(AFFECTED_ITEM='Dollar Universe' and STATUS='open',NUMBER)))*0.01)-1

      i get percentage value (93% for example).

      But when I try to apply the first code to change colour on different percentages, expression panel send me an error in script.

      Can you help me ?