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    Straight Table Export to Excel with Nprinting ( Transposing Column )




      I have the below object on my .qvw :

      Qvw.PNG                                        I need to export thin Object into Excel using Nprinting . I have added the Chart as Table to Excel template , when I run the Task the Object looks like below in Excel :

      excel.PNG                                                                      I need to have the exact Chart in My Excel Report as the qlikView application ( A, B , C , D Columns in Horizontal instead of Vertical). could someone help me please? Thank you in Advance

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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          The answer is following:


          You need to build another object and make sure that under Properties --> Horizonatal (Checkbox) is unchecked. Currently you have a straight table - transposed within QlikView. This transponse function is not carried to NPrinting and it won't be.

          You will have to develop different chart - i think pivot table  - to achieve what you are trying to do.



          This is normal NPrinting behaviour that it reads dimensions and measures and it pulls it accross. In your chart A,B,C..etc are your measures and Mois is your Dimension. You need to change this to ABC... beeing your dimension,Dates beeing your dimension in columns and numbers beeing single measure.


          That is what i would do.