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    Qliksense asking for windows credentials when already authenticated through ticket

    Muhammad Raza

      Hello guys,


      I am facing a strange issue, actually I am using ticket authentication and forwarding the user to the mashup embedding the ticket. But Qliksense asks me to enter the windows credentials. I need to cancel it 3 times to proceed.


      I am able to see the charts in the mashup (as my user has access to it and also authenticated) but why it asks me to enter the windows credentials when I am already authenticated?


      The same thing works fine with Qliksense 3.1 but both the Java app (for ticket) and Qliksense are running on same machine. For the above I have one VM (Qliksense 2.2) and Java app is outside the VM.


      I have also noted that when I redirect user to /mycustomproxy/hub/?qlikTicket=axEzB_FOx8dy6 it works fine (i.e. doesn't asks windows credentials) but mashup it asks.


      Is it some bug in Qliksense 2.2 or I am missing something?



      Muhammad Raza


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